Equine Massage and Horse Health Products

Donna Carina at the 2006 USDF show, 3rd Level Champion. "Donna requires and enjoys her regular massages!".

"I have never seen my horse feel so good in such a short period of time. I will continue to have the massage therapy done which has helped an old ham string injury and arthritis...my mare has shown much improvement in her over all movement with the massage therapy"

Thank you Jackie!
Bobbi Cowan

Feike and Barbara
"It would be no exaggeration to say that Jackie kept our aging Friesian and Hanoverian alive and frisky for years beyond what anyone was predicting. In our opinion, anyone treating their horse for arthritic symptoms with expensive supplements and injections is missing fully half the benefit if they do not employ a skilled equine massage therapist like Jackie to support that medical regimen. And Jackie is not only an excellent practitioner of equine massage, she is excellent with the horses. No more than two sessions will pass before your horse will be nickering to her when she comes in sight!"

Barbara Hort

Montana loves his massages, especially after a show!

"Thanks for your 'magic fingers'. You made Skippy very happy! Show Hack Champion, Second Level Champion. Thanks!"

Lisa K.

"I've had several massage therapists but you're the best, and that's also what I have heard. The proof is in the pudding!"


Whinny.......Whinny..........Hi! My name is Cascade Katie; Katie for short. I'm an 18-year old thoroughbred with Advanced Kissing Spine and just recently I was diagnosed with Cushings' Disease. About four years ago, my owner was fed up with the situation and totally lost as to what to do with me because of my medical problems which she discovered after she became my new owner. My attitude stunk, my behavior was poor at best, and I could hardly move around because of the pain I was in. I frequently kicked, had poor abdominal muscles, was short-strided, would frequently not work in unison with my owner, was known as the “behavior-problem horse” and had serious nerve/pain issues going on which affected my whole self.

I had a different equine masseuse before Jackie, but she completed a general overall massage that didn't take into account my weekly changes of where I was having problems. She became discouraged and upset because I didn't improve even though I followed what she told me to do. Then, Jackie Paul came to my rescue with all of her her wonderful massage techniques, openness in trying new things like equine-kinesiology , her personal warmth, kindness, and appropriate humor to release the tension I seem to have all of the time in my body. She uses a variety of techniques which my equine vocabulary doesn't understand, but I know they work. When she is finished with me, I have an open walk without lameness and my back is relieved of stiffness and stress which also has made me a much happier horse; open to trying different things and not the reactive, emotional, negative behavior that had frequented me previously. I trust her. In my owner's words, “She has saved my life.”