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Equine Sports Massage - The Extra 20 percent!

Benefits of massage include:
Improves circulation
Enhances muscle tone
Eases muscle spasms, relieves tension
Restores mobility to injured muscle tissue
Boosts athletic performance and endurance
Extends the good health and overall life of the animal's athletic "career"

Massage has been proven to assist horses in performing better, preventing injury and maintaining muscle condition. And, it feels good!

Help Your Horse Achieve Maximum Potential!
How do you know your horse might need a massage?
Bending Problems
Sore back
Short on extensions
Attitude troubles
Uneven tracking

These are just a few of the signs typical in muscle-related injuries. If the root cause of the problem is muscle related, Sports Massage can be a non-invasive technique to relieve your horse of painful symptoms and restore mobility.

Massage therapy is not a substitute for veterinary medicine. Please consult your vet for every medical problem!

I have been working on horses and dogs since 1993. I enjoy a large clientele in Oregon, Washington and California. I have worked on ponies to the Budweiser Clydesdales, and pleasure to FEI competitors. Dogs also enjoy the benefits of massage. Contact me for barn calls, clinics and shows. Serving the greater Portland area, Willamette valley and South-West Washington.
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Certified through Equissage.
Member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists.